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2016-07-19 16:27:55 by Darkzombie476

Nooooooooooooooo summer break is almost over I don't want to go back to school!!!!!!!!!! ;-( And what's even worse is that I'm going to middle school. :(


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2016-07-19 18:38:53

It's hard but that's life,man,we all gotta go to places we'd hate to be,sometimes,just to move on.You should try to be more positive about it by making friends and learning some things(it does make time go past faster when you're busy).


2016-07-25 19:14:17

Shit, dude, just be a gangsta. You'll be alright.


2016-08-13 09:10:30

Im going to middle school too. Im afraid actually. D:


2016-11-04 16:35:05

Try college, shite its boring ~_~